What is STEAM? How is it incorporated into the early years? How will it help develop your child?

This summer we are so excited to introduce science and technology into our EYFS program! Summer Camp is such a fun time for young ones to learn through play, with an innovative combination of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Catered to children above the age of 2, our Summer Camp promises to excite, motivate and educate youngsters through innovation and creativity.

STEAM Summer Camp will commence this July 1st for 8 weeks over the hot Summer in Dubai. From a Wild West Farm Yard to a Luxurious Regal Ball, children will be actively involved in the party set up along with swimming, baking, crafts, mini Olympics and more. It’s a summer adventure visiting different cultures, countries and time periods through the magic which is, a child’s imagination.

Registration is simple, simply visit any one of our 10 branches across Dubai or contact us directly by calling 800NURSERY.

 STEAM Summer Camp 2018_Flyer_