Respecting Each Child


Our aim is to assist each child with respect to his / her own pace and individuality.

Our nursery teams promote positive reinforcement in order to build self-esteem and self-confidence with each child.

We respect the individuality and personal rhythm of each child entrusted to us; this takes place through the daily routines (sleep, meals, care) and in the playful times. Daily observation allows us to provide tailored solutions to the specific needs of very young children, promoting security, autonomy and freedom in their social life learning.

Fun is essential to live and to have as part of each day! We strive to promote and assist the alertness and curiosity of the child without ever forcing him / her to practice an activity or a game. The child is an actor of his / her own discoveries; there is neither competition nor a search for results.

The adult-child communication allows the child the means to express himself / herself and to understand his / her environment. The discovery of others and of the world that surrounds him / her under the watchful eye of the adult are essential, as is his / her evolutionary development, depending on the child’s age and individual needs.

“ Our objective is to offer a nursery quality that is adapted to the needs of the families

while focusing before and foremost on the well-being of the child. ”