Our Educational Values


The small steps that count, a project of reference for each one of our nurseries


“I am tiny but important” (J. Korzcak)

Our working plan, called “the small steps that count…” was prepared by a multidisciplinary team (pediatric nurse, early childhood educator, psychologist..) of the Babilou Group’s early childhood management.

Made of three components (social plan, educational plan and pedagogical plan), the working plan defines the pedagogical orientations common to all Babilou Group structures.

It constitutes a framework at each stage of the plan, it brings together our practices and serves as a reference tool for each nursery that customizes it, improves it and brings it to life in a team.

The principles and values of the working plan are:

  • The respect for the child as an individual.

  • The implementation of living-together.

  • A relationship of shared-responsibility education with the parents.

  • The well-being of the children, their families and our teams.

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