Our Curriculum


We strive to ensure equality of access and treatment to all our families.

We make sure to place families and their young ones at the heart of our care, through a collaboration between the parents and the educators.

Help evolve each child within the group according to their own individual pace while responding to their needs. Educators will meet our children’s emotional security by providing them with an environment that is caring, nurturing and supportive.

Our mission is to support each child in building his / her own identity, self-discovery and awakening, while respecting his / her own pace.

Respecting their individuality: each child has rhythms and needs that are specific and related to their own culture, development and history that require individualized support.

In addition to assisting children, everything is carefully studied to promote their alertness and socialization. All furniture and equipment are age appropriate and promote comfort and security.

We also ensure the child’s physical security by adhering to high standards of hygiene and security maintained at all times.

A combination of English and French languages is spoken throughout the day.

Using a blend of the best curriculums such as EYFS (British Curriculum), Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Emmi Pickler.

Observation-based reports are provided to parents and carers regularly, giving an update on the child’s progress and development. Our staff is qualified to evaluate your child’s overall development (physical, emotional / social, cognitive and language) and refer you to a specialist if needed.

Hours are designed to be flexible to accommodate working parents, with qualified educators taking care of children throughout the day.

Children can be enrolled from the age of 10 weeks to four years old, and each center accommodates between 50 and 100 children depending on its size.

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