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The Nursery’s Management
The Nursery Manager is a highly qualified Early Childhood Specialist with extensive experience with children. Depending on the number of children received at the nursery, she can be assisted by a Deputy Manager, with a training that is often complimentary to her own. The nursery’s management ensure the health, the security, the development and the well-being of the children. It organizes and guarantees the quality of assistance brought to the child and his family within the institution.

Early Childhood Educators
Holders of a qualified degree in Early Childhood, they develop and animate the educational plan of each section, in close collaboration with the other team members. They are particularly careful to respecting the child’s pace and his development.

Early Childhood Assistants
Holders of a qualified degree in Early Childhood, they care and ensure, with other members of the team, to the development and well-being of each child entrusted to them. They provide comprehensive care for the child and quality assistance for him and his family.

The Nurse
Holder of a qualified nursing degree and certified by the DHA, they intervene in the daily care of children by providing their paramedical specification. They are also responsible for following up on children’s medical treatments and protocols. They work in collaboration with the nursery doctor.

Service Agents
Service Agents are in charge of the children’s meals preparation and ought to strictly respect all food hygiene standards in force. They are in charge of the nursery’s laundry and the maintenance of all the nursery’s spaces.

The Nursery Pediatrician
The establishment’s physician ensures the application of the general hygiene measures and of the measures to be taken in case of a contagious disease. She defines the action protocols in emergency situations. She guarantees that all conditions allow for the proper development and adaptation of the children in the establishment, and provides admission visits.

The Psycho-Motor Therapist
She forms an integral part of each nursery’s team. She ensures the proper sensorial, motor and emotional development of the children and cares particularly for children with disabilities.

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