Benefits & Advantages


Childcare is a major concern for both the employer and the working parent.

What are the company benefits?

By providing working parents with a solution to watch their child you:

  • Improve HR levers such as loyalty, the recruitment of rare profiles, reduced turn-over, absenteeism and delays.

  • Develop a citizen and socially responsible corporate image: well-being at work, gender equality, reconciliation between work and private life.

What are the working parent benefits?

For the parents, the company nursery:

  • Provides the solution to their childcare problems.

  • Creates balance between their professional and private lives.

  • Allows for a simpler return from maternity/parental leave.

  • Provides serenity, well-being and time increase, thanks to flexible hours adapted to professional life.

  • Attends to the child in a safe and comfortable place, in presence of skilled and alert early childhood professionals.

  • Allows the child to flourish and socialize in an environment that is adapted to his needs and in accordance to his pace.

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