Our Know-how


Hospitality is our core business: A human relationship between a nursery team and a family, between an educator and a child. It is a relationship which grows each day.
We are welcoming more than 15,000 families each and every day who entrust us with the care of more than 16,000 children across 6 countries.

Our mission is to provide parents with a reliable, qualitative and accessible-to-all early childhood facilities, thus helping them achieve work-life balance. It is based on two skills:

1. Designing and managing Nurseries & Early Learning Centers:

Conception, creation and management of early learning centers ensuring a framework of comfort and safety for the children and the teams:

  • Compliance with hygiene and safety standards,
  • Accessibility for the disabled,
  • Limited impact on the environment
2. Providing consultancy & advice:

We work with companies who wish to create a Nursery or Early Learning Center or who wish to reserve locations in our current network.

We provide full assistance to each company in order to set up a relevant early learning policy with regard to its challenges and its parents’ needs.

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